Kean Today



Today, with a portfolio of 76 top quality products produced  in the latest packaging technology and modern design, KEAN is  geared  to export to the European Union market to which Cyprus belongs, and beyond.Over the years, KEAN Soft Drinks Ltd expanded and grew to its present size despite competition from international brands. Today the range of KEAN branded  leading products with their renowned quality and packaging are of the highest international standards to which others compare.

The 66 years of production experience, commitment to quality and successful marketing earned the brand a strong customer loyalty, built on trust, credibility and consistency.

The local distribution network, supported by an intense marketing activity, allows for continuous sales growth and product availability at all types of outlets. Market research and creative thinking are combined to keep the brand fresh and the products always relevant to both the old and young generations.





As a responsible corporate citizen, the company supports many social, educational and charity initiatives and actively participates in or hosts fund raising events. One of the main brand purposes of the company is the protection of the environment and the education of the new generation and this is expressed by activities within the program ‘ KEANITA THINKS Green’ targeted at school children. Furthermore KEANITA has created within the factory, the Eco-drome, an interactive and fun exhibition emphasizing the issues for the protection of our planet, visited by thousands of children every year.


As a responsible and caring employer, the company organizes seminars, lectures and training in Cyprus and abroad, to further develop the expertise and creativity of the employees both for their professional and personal benefit.


As a caring manufacturer of products based on natural raw materials, the company is proud to have contributed to the improvement of  nutritional habits and healthy drinking choices for the last three generations of consumers in Cyprus.
As an active social partner, the Company allows for factory space to be used for educational purposes, conferences and meetings, thus contributing to the sharing of knowledge. The KEAN Museum contributes towards the understanding of natural products, their mythology, biology and history through the 66 years of KEAN’s existence.
Today KEAN products can be enjoyed in more than 40 countries (see exports) while production capacity can offer contract packaging facilities.

KEAN shares the values of a Family Business who is friendly towards employees, associates and consumers, preserving its philosophy as well as its passion for taste and quality, which is an integral part of Cyprus’ culture and pride.



In a move to expand within the food sector further, KEAN acquired in 2008 two FMCG companies Kristis Meat Deli and Sarels Fish products. The KEAN Group now handles products which complement the existing range of refrigerated, frozen and ambient foodstuffs for the retail and the food service markets i.e. Modified atmosphere packed fresh Meat, Prima juices, KRI-KRI Greek yogurts and Ice cream, frozen pastry and breads, smoked and frozen fish and chicken products, vegetables and potatoes. Distribution is carried out by two subsidiary distribution companies KEAN Food Link ltd. and KFL Logistics ltd.


Important new business developments for KEAN in 2014 are the representation of  H.J. HEINZ, USA, and distribution of its brands, HEINZ, Amoy , HP,  Lea and Perrins and Farley’s. Also, the representation and distribution of FOX’s biscuits, UK.

Future targets:



1. KEAN has been gearing for the new economic environment and the new  opportunities that are presented through rationalisation and selected new business. The effort is focused on product quality, a healthy group balance sheet, liquidity and strengthening the market position of all companies by creating further synergies. Branding is a strong drive and social involvement has been keeping KEAN a well appreciated socially responsible corporate citizen.

2. The development of the factory land is quite a challenge to KEAN and to possible partners, both because of the sheer size of the unique 45,000sqm plot of land but also of the development concept which as per the prevailing land regulations, the built up area can be up to 51,000sqm.