Juice Extraction



 1.    Due to well-established relations with the agricultural world, KEAN ensures the selection of  qualified suppliers for all its raw materials.

 2.  KEAN works closely with the growers to monitor growth conditions of the citrus fruit and fruit ripeness, while still on the trees in the plantations  areas. Paying great attention to the quality of the final products, KEAN  selects the best fruit from plantations with approved environmental practices.

 3.   The juice extraction process is highly accurate as only correctly processed fruits can retain their qualities and their initial nutritional value. The juice  is, finally, carefully concentrated and packed in bulk in specially lined barrels and  placed in freezers.   

  4.   Essential oils are processed and purified during the juice extraction   process. 

  5.    Residue material from the fruit is collected to be used as vitamin C source in animal feed and  fertilizers.


     Tetra Pak


The juice production process is highly sophisticated due to the nature of the products and the sterility requirements which allow for the juices to be free of preservatives. All HACCP rules are strictly followed in this enclosed production area.

The sizes range from 250 ml and 375 ml to 1 litre. All lines are fully automated with complete auxiliary equipment for straws, recaps and multi packs.





Storing & Logistics

The storage space, divided by package, product and destination, is temperature controlled and adheres to the hygiene standards as prescribed by HAACP.



Soft drinks


The glass bottle was the most traditional and iconic package of KEAN soft drinks. In has a proprietary shape with three rings in the middle and is returnable. Today it has been transformed into PET .

The tunnel pasteurizer of the soft drink can line allows products to be pasteurized instead of preserved. The orangeade, lemonade and mandarinade soft drinks are free from preservatives which makes them unique and a healthier choice for the discerning consumer.

The newest development in bottles, the PET, in many sizes and shapes, after filling at high speeds, can now be fully sleeved by the precision Fuji sleever which allows the bottle to take a whole new look. Full body sleeves protect the contents from sunlight and offer endless graphic possibilities.